Friday, May 11, 2012

Wow...I Suck

I'm so sorry! I can't believe I haven't been on here since College Station. :( Since then, I have run another 5K (3 minutes slower), hurt my leg and recovered for two weeks, kept (mostly) to the eating, and dropped another 6 pounds. I broke the 150 mark yesterday by .4 pounds. This morning I was a solid 149. Committing to never going back over 150!! Today is also a run day! :) I have restarted the C25K program, this time concentrating on going faster during my runs. Whereas I started the program last time at 4mph and was up to 4.8mph when I finished, this time I'm starting at 5.5mph during the runs.

I am still not back on WW proper. I'm trying to get used to using SparkPeople, which was recommended on a blog I love (Runs For Cookies). I really like Spark, in that they have way more foods in their database, but I'm not a huge fan of their recipe builder. Most of the time, I don't want to actually put in a recipe, I just want to find out what the calorie count, etc is on the completed product, and each serving. SparkRecipes actually wants you to put in the directions, etc for the recipe.I guess I just need to commit a whole day to putting our favorite recipes in there so I can access them easily.

So, I know I've said this before, but I'd really like to recommit to this blog! I don't know what's wrong with me that I'll spend 5 hours surfing Pinterest, but can't give 10 minutes to update the blog. The blog helps with accountability! So let's take it one day at a time, okay? :-)

Weight: 149lbs

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