Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WW Weigh In

165 pounds!  YES!!!!  I actually managed to lose a pound at Thanksgiving!  WOOT!!! Next week I will get my 5 lb star. :-)

Another NSV!

A friend of mine told me today that she can tell I'm losing weight because my face looks thinner. I will take it!! :-D

Got in 45 minutes on the elliptical machine last night and another 20 minute workout on the Active 2. I'm amazed at how good a workout that video game is! I'm still in the "getting started" portion of the game (the first two week program), so I'm hoping that's why the workouts are only 20 mins long. Should finish the Getting Started portion next week and then pick a new goal for myself (Weight loss, toning, muscle strength...) for a longer program.

Today's goals: stairs and water. Walk/run to/from WW meeting tonight. Also going to get in another Active 2 workout. One of the cool things about the game is that it gives you a few different goals every week. It wants me to do at least 4 workouts (done), exercise 2 hours this week (need 50 more minutes), and burn 600 calories (need another 150). I have 2 or 3 more days to finish out the week, so I need to get in a workout tonight and one tomorrow as well.

I'll shoot out a weigh in post from my meeting later. According to the crazy scale at home, I am down a half pound from last week. I will be happy with ANY loss!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back In The Saddle!

Yesterday was a good day. I got in TONS of water, used the stairs at least 7 times, got in 45 minutes on the elliptical machine (NCIS!!) and two workouts on the Active 2!! YAY!! Hoping my weekend of laziness didn't put me too far behind, but I'm not going to dwell on it. Keep moving forward is pretty much the motto of weight loss. Sometimes, you slip. Get up, get going. More good news: we are almost out of Thanksgiving leftovers!! WOO HOO!!!!! I  need the dressing, casseroles, etc out of my house. I will be throwing away leftover desserts tonight. I haven't been eating them (except a spoonful of Brownie Trifle on Sunday), but I know they're there and I can hear them calling my name. They must leave.

Today's goals: stairs, stairs and more stairs, 100oz of water, Active 2 workout, and either another 45 on the elliptical or a 2 mile run. I need to hit Target on the way home tonight and pick up another knee brace. My right knee is feeling awesome, no pain at all, but my left knee is being cranky. So I will be that lady jogging down the road with braces on both knees that you drive by and think "good lord lady, if you're doing that kind of damage to your body, maybe you should stop!" Hoping my knees eventually get strong enough that the braces won't be necessary. I think all the squats and lunges on the Active 2 are doing a number on them though...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ain't It The Truth

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Wagon? What Wagon?

When I got home from work on Friday, I went for a three mile run and worked out on the Wii Active 2. I was doing exercises all evening to prevent shin splints (they WORKED!) and planning my busy exercise weekend. Saturday, between helping Hubby decorate the house for Christmas and catching up on chores, I did nothing. I used the excuse that doing the Christmas tree hurt my back and I was still exhausted from Thanksgiving, but I did at least stick to the eating plan. I measured all my food and stayed in points. Sunday I completely and totally fell off the wagon. No exercise, no points. :-\  I'm going to have to figure out a weekend game plan. Hubby is not at all into the Weight Watcher plan, doesn't want to change our food, doesn't really like that I spend all my time working out. He supports me skipping workouts and "taking the day off" from WW. If anyone is going to deliver the kick in the pants I need on the weekends, it is going to have to be me!

So here we are on Monday Funday. We were out of eggs this morning, so I didn't get my usual breakfast of eggs whites. I had a packet of grits instead and I'm already getting hungry for lunch. Going to be a long day. BUT! I can do this!

Today's goal: stairs, water (think I got in 60oz of water all weekend). I also missed Saturday's scheduled Active 2 workout and I have another one scheduled today. I'm going to do them both! It will hurt. It will be exhausting. Hopefully it will teach me not to skip workouts!

Friday, November 25, 2011

You Are Far Too Smart

Time Marches On

Man, there was a lot of food yesterday, y'all! We had tons and tons of food and 8 fewer people than we usually have. So there were a ton of leftovers! I sent boxes of food home with everyone. I had some little aluminum tins that I'd bought for Christmas cookies years ago and forgotten to use. They were packed with food and sent on their way! My aunt and uncle were staying in a hotel and couldn't take a tin dish, so I gave away some of our tupperware. "Get this food out of my house!!" ;-) The bad news? There's still a ton of food left at my house. The good news? I only had one plate of food yesterday. We had lunch around 12:30 and I just never got hungry again! So, even though that plate was pretty full, I only did it once. Today I brought a sandwich made with leftover ham and some fruit from the fruit tray for lunch. I'll be picky about what goes on my plate for dinner. Also planning to get in at least an hour of exercise today. I think it'd be amazing to get a 5 pound star the week after Thanksgiving. ;-) That is this week's goal!

Weekly progress report: weight this morning (home scale): 166.5! I know earlier this week I was a little horrified to have a milestone victory right before a major food holiday, but now I'm thinking that was the best thing that could have happened to me! I also had the NSV earlier this week with the jeans.Those two things have kept me completely motivated this week! There was never any thought of "Well, I'll just coast this week and hope for the best." My two victories kept me mindful that "The distance between who I am and who I want to be is separated only by my actions and words." I'm determined to stay on program. I've enjoyed my progress and I want MORE! :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WW Weigh In!

166 lbs y'all!!! That is down 11 POUNDS since the middle of October!! Oh happy freaking day!!! Just had to share. :-D

I Don't Want to Curse It!

According to the scale this morning, I have lost 10 pounds from when I started this journey in the middle of October. My scale can be ca-razy though with it's unpredictable ups and downs. I want to use the offiicial scale at WW before I celebrate. I don't have time to stay for the meeting tonight (have I mentioned my ENTIRE family is descending on my house tomorrow?), but I am planning to pop in for a weigh-in. I am totally excited about this number and also horrified! The day before Thanksgiving I hit a milestone?? How is that fair? What are the odds of not gaining at least a pound (and therefore negating the milestone) over Thanksgiving? First World Problems, I know. Just going to have to keep on keeping on. If I hit the milestone once, I can do it again, right?

When I got home last night, I was pretty busy most of the night with Turkey Day prep and my Hubby (who wasn't feeling well) was hogging my TV while he laid on the couch. Around 8 o'clock though, I kicked him out so I could spend 20 minutes on the Active 2. I intended to do some Wii exercises afterward, but my balance board was completely drained of juice. :-( So yesterday's exercise total was an easy 45 on the elliptical and a good 20 on the Active 2. Not as much as I'd hoped, but I'm going to reconcile myself to the fact that holiday weeks are a little more challenging than most.

I did NOT work out this morning. I know - BOOOO!!!!! HISSSSSS!!! Trust me, the chorus of "slacker!" going on in my head is loud. I am going to get in 45 mins on the elliptical tonight if it kills me (and it might!). I'm also planning to walk/run to the WW meeting again. I have a sneaking suspicion tomorrow will be a non-workout day. :-( My family is coming over early to watch the Macy's Parade and will be hanging out most of the day. I will strive to do an easy 45 on the elliptical, but I have a feeling I will end up collapsed on the couch. My family really takes it out of me... Friday I will be up and at 'em and on the machine though!

Today's goals: stairs, water, do my damnedest to get in 45 on EM and run/walk to WW meeting. I will be doing lots of running back and forth cleaning my house and doing decorative things, but I'm not sure that counts as "exercise." ;-)

Happy Turkey Day everyone! May your meat be white, your veggies steamed and your pie worth the points!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today's Quote From Pinterest

Don't go by the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat. Go by how you look and how you feel. The scale will mess with your head.
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Non-Scale Victories

Part of the WW meme is the idea of Non-Scale Victories (NSVs). The idea is that sometimes the scale is just evil and not moving, but there is still trackable progress in weight loss. I had a small NSV this morning! I have a pair of jeans that has been skin tight the last few months. They aren't skinny jeans, but they've been fitting like them! NOT pretty! This morning (fresh from the dryer) they went on with minimal fuss! They buttoned easily. Still a little snug in the thigh when they first went on, but such a huge improvement! When I used to sit down while wearing them, they would dig into my stomach. NOT TODAY!! YAY!!! It's the little things, folks!

When I got home last night, I did 40 minutes on the Wii (EA Sports Active 2). Very, very nice workout! I was huffing and puffing and sweating like a dog. Every time the next exercise would come up I'd be all "OMG. I hate these!" in my head and then feel good when I was done with them. Downright comical really. I could really fall in love with the Active 2! Really good workouts with lots of variety built in. GREAT purchase!

This morning I woke up and hopped on the elliptical. My toes were KILLING me halfway through, so I lowered the resistance to zero and did the rest of the workout in easy-shmeasy mode. A little disappointed in myself, but at the same time, I don't want the elliptical to become something I avoid. I'd rather do an easy workout on it and something a little more strenuous later on (Active 2 anyone?) than push myself on it while in pain and then avoid it for my next workout. Really need to do some reading online to see if there's something I can do for the toe thing. Would taking a break every 15 minutes to flex my toes lower my heart rate sufficiently to negate the workout? Things to look up...

Today's goals: STAIRS (you'd already guessed that, hadn't you?), 30 more minutes on Active 2, 100 ounces of water. I also want to get on the Wii Fit for a few minutes just so it doesn't squawk at me about how I'm neglecting it. ;-)

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint

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Let's Get It Started In Here!

Friday night I ate way more than I should have. It was a $85 per person 7 course beer dinner at one of Houston's finer restaurants. I was GOING to enjoy it, damn it! Each course came out on small plates and they were very small portions (one oyster for the first course, 2 shrimp and some lettuce for another, etc). But still 7 courses of small is still a lot of food! I did ix-nay Hubby's request to go out drinking afterward. We'd just had 8 3-oz beers (and we split a Full Moon Rye at the bar beforehand). Since there was no way I was going to be able to put that meal into WW (foie gras anyone? Is that in there?), I just devoted all my points for that day (I swear I just about fasted all day) and all my Weekly Points.As with any "binge" kind of Points day, I think the best thing to do is put it behind you and stay on program! Just because I blew a TON of Points Friday night does not mean I should blow off the rest of the week.So Saturday and Sunday, I picked up where I'd left off. I stayed within Points, exercised and kept on.

Saturday - I used some of my birthday money to buy myself the EA Sports Active 2 "game" for Wii. Tried it out Saturday (50 minutes) and I am *STILL* hurting! WOW! That thing is a real workout! Really puts the Wii Fit to shame! I was sweating like a dog and huffing and puffing like I'd never done cardio before! :-) I might have a new favorite workout even though it was brutal! Squats, lunges, mountain climbers, reverse crunches. Oi! $40 very well spent on that game. It suggests you set up a calendar for when you can devote time to it. I put in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for my Active days. So more tonight! WOO HOO!!

Sunday - Even though I was totally sore yesterday, I still managed to spend a hard 45 minutes on the elliptical. Then my sister came over and we started prep work for Thanksgiving. The big day is at my house this year and I am a little anal about organization. We prepped all the food yesterday and sent it home to my sister's freezer. We will defrost it Wednesday night and start casseroles rotating through the oven very early Thursday morning. After we were doing cooking, I managed to get it an easy 30 mins on the Wii Fit (stuck to the snowball fight and the Kung Fu). Totally stayed within points.

My family is really big on turkey day. We are having a roasted turkey, a fried turkey, a ham, squash casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, dressing, and cauliflower mountain (cauliflower with melted cheese and a mayo-based sauce). My cousin, who is a pastry chef, is bringing 3 pies (pumpkin, cherry, and pecan). I will be making a trifle and a 7-up cake as well. Is it any wonder people put on weight at the holidays??? OMG!! And my grandmother's dressing recipe calls for FOUR cans of "cream of" soups and 6 boiled eggs!! HOLY COW! My plan of attack is to only eat the foods I really love (and small portions of those!). I'm really not a huge dressing fan, so I'm not going to eat it! Green bean casserole? YES PLEASE! I also bought containers so that I can send leftovers home with other people! That food is NOT staying in my house! Hubby loves Thanksgiving. He loves leftovers. I'm going to have a hard time getting him to let go of the food. Which is ridiculous because we'll probably have several of these dishes again at Christmas. *sigh*

Monday Funday - stairs, stairs, stairs! Sports Active. 100 ounces of water. I would really love to get in a 30 min run as well. I might try to do that before the SP. I know there's no way I'll be able to do it after ;-). I really want to get back into running! I've been doing all this cardio trying to ready myself to run. I got my knee brace ready now and I want to hit the track! :-) Let you know how things turn out tomorrow!

Friday, November 18, 2011

MY Day

I took the day off from work today. Some girlfriends and I have a date with a group of vampires at a movie theater that serves real food and alcohol at lunch. Then I have errands galore to run (mostly to get ready for Thanksgiving). I intend to get in at least an hour of exercise today though! Will just have to be after movie/lunch/shopping and before 7 course beer dinner. Gonna be a busy day!

Weekly progress: down to 168.5. So we're slowly making weight progress. Energy levels and general "feel good" measures are up though, so I know we're seeing progress! YEAH!!! This weekend is going to involve a LOT of house cleaning and food prep. We're hosting my family for Turkey Day this year, so the "Tavern" as we like to call it must be spit polished and putting it's best foot forward. I *will* still get in at least an hour of exercise both Saturday and Sunday! Gotta get as ready as possible for gluttony day, oops, Thanksgiving. So let's get out there and do it! Let's work our butts (literally) off despite the fact that there's a food-centered holiday next week. See y'all later!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, EV-AH!!!!

This felt appropriate now that I'm out of the 170s. WOOT!!

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Comparison is the Thief of All Joy

I have been working like a dog for three weeks to lose weight. I work out on average 5 days a week. I no longer eat mindlessly (which was kind of fun) or frequently enjoy beer (which was a lot of fun). And it has come with several rewards. My body *feels* healthier. Muscles feel stronger, posture seems improved... But the scale is moving so very, very slowly! I know that some of that is probably because of increased muscle, and I'm trying to focus on the fact that I *feel* better. The tape measure says inches are coming off. I don't see them and the scale doesn't move. I'm working hard at being zen about the whole thing. Don't sweat it....keep on program...the results are going to be amazing! THEY WILL COME!!!! And usually I'm okay with it. I know that it took a while to put the weight on, it is going to take a while to get it back off. I just get frustrated when people I work with sit around eating donuts and cookies, and eat fast food at least 5 times a week, never exercise and LOSE WEIGHT! Holy crap that bugs me. But remember young Grasshopper, comparison is the thief of joy. Their path is theirs. I'm on my own path and it's the one I need to focus on. By comparing my success (for the love of Pete, I have had SUCCESS) with theirs, I am robbing it of its worth and significance. Maybe I'm just tired. Normally when I work out in the morning, I am energized. Today I am POOPED! The balls of my feet hurt from the elliptical machine (you tend to scrunch your toes on an elliptical - at least I do), my eyes feel dry, I've had 20oz of coffee already and still feel like I just crawled out of bed. *sigh* The good news is that I worked out this morning! A hard 45 minutes on the machine. Think I'll go fill up my water bottle and see if this exhaustion is just dehydration in disguise. My path is proven. My success is real. The goal is worth it.

Today's goal: drink 100 oz of water. STAIRS. Not drink more than 24oz of beer at tonight's beer event. I will volunteer to be DD for Hubby so he can have fun. :-D

BTW - WW weigh-in last night? 168.4!! WOOT! And I walked the 2 mile roundtrip to the meeting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Life Motto

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So Far, So Good

The ball keeps rolling, y'all! When I got home last night, I did everything on my list! 45 minutes HARD on the elliptical, 30 mins on the Wii, turkey cooked, dinner cooked. Last night was the "end of the week" for WW and I survived the week with all my activity points and 8 of my Weekly Points leftover! HELLS YEAH!!!! I hopped on the scale this morning and I am the same weight I was last Friday before Hell Weekend. WOOT!! Tonight is the official weigh-in at WW though. We'll see what their scale says. I know my scale and I have had some serious issues in the past. Might be time to buy a new one. I know I can't rest too comfortably on my laurels. It is still Houston Beer Week. Tomorrow night, Hubby and I have a private event at Houston's No Label brewery (we are a part of a non-profit movement trying to change the restrictive alcohol laws in Texas - membership has it's privileges). We also have a beer dinner at a 5 star restaurant Friday night (my bday present). We're talking a 7 course meal here! Pretty sure that will kill all points for this week and then next week is THANKSGIVING! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The only way I will survive intact (much less lose) is to work out like a fiend!! I did 45 minutes at moderate intensity this morning. Planning to walk/run the 2-mile circuit to my WW meeting tonight. If I have time, I'll try to squeeze in 30 mins on the Wii as well. Must keep moving forward! I am in SERIOUS need of a grocery store run. I had to bring a frozen Healthy Choice meal to work today instead of a sandwich (out of lunch meat). We're out of fresh fruit at home too. *sigh* I need more hours in the day!

Today's goals: eat with points, stairs to potty, 2 mile walk/run this evening. If I can get in 30 mins on the Wii, I'll consider it a bonus.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Still Within PointsPlus

What a good birthday yesterday. Hubby was taking care of dinner and cooked up a delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu. Very tasty! I had a TON of carrots so that I wouldn't eat a lot of the mashed potatoes. No alcohol with dinner. Trying my best here! :-)

I unfortunately did not work out this morning. I'm pretty sure my groggy brain actually cussed itself out for suggesting it. So, I will be hitting the elliptical machine after work today. And very likely the Wii as well. Dinner will be an easy affair of spaghetti with Italian sausage, so that won't distract me too long from my workout. I do need to cook one of the Thanksgiving turkeys tonight though (yes, we have two). The plan is to get the bird in the oven, workout, cook dinner and eat, carve the cooked turkey and freeze it until next week. Our freezer is PACKED right now. Hubby loves side by side refrigerators which have such TINY freezers. I've been asking for a standing freezer for the utility room for years. Might just buy one for myself as a special X-mas gift. Would be so nice to be able to store food!

Anywho! Going to shoot for 45 minutes (HARD) on the elliptical tonight and at least 30 on the Wii. Let you know tomorrow how it goes!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

I would totally bust my ass on whatever that thing is on the floor, but I like the quote! :)

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Survived - barely!

I was less than successful this weekend. I did get in a two hour Wii workout yesterday, but there was no exercising on Saturday. I drank faaaaaar too much beer, but managed to stay away from the majority of the food. I did have a soft pretzel and some cheese soup, but I didn't even look at most of the food. So I am going to say that I WAS successful this weekend afterall! I was not perfect, but I was a helluva lot better than I would have been had I not been focused on this journey. Unfortunately, the week is not over. I ate a good WW breakfast this morning and packed a healthy WW lunch. I do plan to go get my birthday ice cream though and I have no idea what we're having for dinner. I know I'm not cooking. ;-) The hardest part of this week is over though, I think. Monsters of Beer was a success for the charity we were volunteering for and I stuck to trying only beers I hadn't had before. I used the same game plan for the tasting last night. There were just a LOT of beers available last night I had never had before. I asked a lot of the servers to only give me a 2-ounce pour instead of the usual 4-ounce pour though. I was at least making an effort, so I'm going to cut myself some slack. The scale totally reflected the weekend of gluttony this morning. I'm going to ignore it, get my workout on and keep moving forward.Let's hope for a great week!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mantra for Houston Beer Week

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Into Hell Week

I got derailed again this morning - this time through no fault of my own. I had a late night with the Girl Scout Convention last night. Crawled into bed just before midnight, but still had every intention of getting up this morning and working out. Apparently Hubby thought I'd earned a lie-in however. He got up with the dogs (our alarm clocks) and then went back to bed!! I swear the first word out of my mouth this morning was "shit" when I woke up, looked at the clock and it was EIGHT FIFTEEN!!! Appreciate you thinking of me, honey, but I have a JOB! I flew around the house like a mad woman and got to work at nine (whew!), but there was absolutely no working out. I will be hitting the elliptical when I get home today! And very possibly the Wii as well!

This weekend kicks off Houston Beer Week. Hubby and I are volunteering at the Monsters of Beer charity event tomorrow (MUST work out in morning!) where there will be free beer samples. Going to try to only have samples of beers I've never had before. Hoping this will minimize intake. Sunday we have tickets to a very limited-invite beer tasting. Going to employ the same plan: only try things I've never had before. In the mean time, I will be working out (the *hard* elliptical workout) every morning. I haven't used any of my WW weekly points this week, so I have those and all my fitness points to swap. Hoping it'll be enough to get me through the weekend and Monday, which is my birthday. I have a weird birthday treat I give myself every year. I always get myself a cheesecake ice cream from Marble Slab. YUM! This year I will be doing a bowl instead of the waffle cone (which is usually stale anyway, so save the calories and skip it). I usually get myself a McDonald's McRib too. I don't know what it is, but I love those nasty things! Think I may skip the McRib this year though. I know I won't have the opportunity to get one for a year, but seriously - priorities! I'd much rather have the ice cream than the sandwich and there are a lot of beers coming my way next week. Need to try to be smart. Just hard to be smart once you start drinking! ;-)

I'm having some confusion with when to measure my progress. My 90 Day Challenge at work weigh in date is Fridays. WW weigh in date is Wednesdays. So I think I will post my progress both days and my weekly goals on Friday. Work for you? Good! ;-)

From last Friday, I am down 2.5 pounds!!! Which brings us to 169.5 lbs. WooHoo!! I also did measurements and the most impressive one (which I'm not sure I should believe): 1 inch off my hips! WOW!!! Exercise is awesome! Goals for the coming week: to be honest, I just want to get through next week without a setback. I know we have a lot of Houston Beer Week events on our calendar, my birthday is next week, and I'm also taking next Friday off to have a girls' day brunch (while watching Twilight! HA!). It just SOUNDS calorie-soaked, mostly alcohol! So, I'm going to try to eat as sensibly as possible and avoid eating at ALL after drinking. I'm going to do my utmost to exercise every single morning and on nights when we don't have an event. It's going to be tough and I'll be okay if the scale doesn't go down...I just really don't want it to go back UP! Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exercise in the Morning

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I did it! I did it! I did it!! WOO HOO!!! I actually got up this morning and spent 45 minutes on the elliptical machine! I gotta tell you - it was touch and go for a few minutes there, but I out-stubborned myself! YAY!!!!!!! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to know that I've already done all my exercise for the day! *HappySigh*

As for yesterday - another case of "the best laid plans..." My intention yesterday was to go home, put on comfortable shoes and walk to the WW meeting by my house and then walk home. By the time I got out of the freakishly hellish traffic, it was too late. :( Seriously - there's NEVER traffic on the way home and I was stuck for-evah yesterday. So, I did what any irritated Weight-Watcher-ian would do: I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes! And then the Wii for 10. The Wii for 10 was really so much more about getting in a body test than any real exercise. Still - not bad for a girl who still has some trouble breathing. I will make I sure I leave work EARLY next Wednesday so that I can become a part of the WW group. Truly irritated I didn't make it over there last night. At least I didn't decide the whole evening was shot though and couch.

Today's goals: STAIRS (cuz you know, I already exercised this morning!) BOO-YAH! My nieces are performing a dance at a very large event tonight, so I will be driving into the greater Houston area, which means I will have to find a parking spot and WALK this evening as well. Probably nothing drastic, but every bit counts, right??

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


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oi vay - SUCK IT UP!!!

Before I went to bed last night, I laid out exercise clothes and filled my water bottle. I was getting up this morning and EXERCISING, Dammit! ... Yeah. After coughing, sneezing and being miserable most of the night, I let the dogs out at 5:30 this morning and promptly curled up on the couch until 7. At that point, in the middle of debating with myself about whether or not I should go get on the elliptical machine, my friend Sara called to ask if I could give her a ride to work. She was sitting at the mechanics with her car. *sigh* Typing this, I know these are excuses! Yes, your head is full of goo. Yes, you def gotta help a sistah out when she needs it. FIND TIME TO WORK OUT, YOU LAZY SLUG! Good grief. I have at least been following the WW ways though. And I did go get the blood workup done yesterday. Should know LDL and HDL and all that good stuff by Friday. And tonight, I will be going to my first WW meeting in something like 3 years. Trying very hard not to beat myself up for quitting three years ago. I was so, so close to my goal! But hey - maybe you need to fall a few times before you figure out your journey, right? There's a quote flying around on Pinterest "Stop dwelling on the past - you don't live there anymore" or some such. I just tried to find it, but it looks like Pinterest has taken down their "search" engine. :-\

This week's successes: STAIRS! LOL! I am rocking the stairs. Food - I've been tracking everything I eat and even planning the next day's food the night before.

TODAY'S goal: stairs (no brainer), WW meeting at 6. Workout for 45 mins before meeting. Walk to meeting (about 1.5~2miles round trip).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Sorry I have been absent. Some crazy weather change on Friday brought about a HUGE allergy upset. I have been sneezing and hacking ever since. Needless to say, I have not been exercising. I have however been following the Weight Watchers eating plan. I may feel like crap, but I'm not giving up! Still sneezing today and still have congestion, but I can tell it's already easing up. Hoping to get in a run later in the week! Doctor's appointment in an hour to get cholesterol, etc checked.Time marches on!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Stay on the Wagon!!!!

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Damn It

I totally fell off the wagon yesterday. One beer at happy hour turned into three. By the time I got home, it was 9pm and I was not exercising. Instead, I ate a very hearty meal with yet another beer. *sigh* This is totally reinforcing the idea that I need to exercise in the morning before work. Get it done early, do whatever you want later in the day. That will be my plan of attack starting tomorrow.

I found out there is a Weight Watchers meeting a mile from my house every Wednesday night at 6. I will be joining WW next Wednesday! All this working out is useless if I don't get a handle on food. I did WW a few years ago and it REALLY worked! I lost over 30 pounds in six months. I quit because I was tired of spending $40 a month on it and thought I could go it alone. To say I was wrong is a massive understatement. WW has so many tools that help you on your journey. I'm really going to need the help going into the holidays. No more guessing at how much of something I can eat - time to measure and count!

For the 90 day challenge at work, week 1: weight loss ZERO pounds. :-\  Hence the Weight Watchers...

Today's goals: stairs, stairs and more stairs, 150 jumping jacks, 45 minutes on elliptical. I'm also going to try to get my BF to check out a walking trail that is between our houses after work.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Over the weekend, I had Hubby hook up one of the satellite boxes to the TV in the room with the elliptical machine. I did a very hard 45 minute course last night while watching NCIS. WOOT!!! I had been thinking I would go to the gym after work, but I left my gym bag at home (I don't do mornings). So the elliptical machine and I had a hot and sweaty 45 minute date while I drooled over Mark Harmon instead. And because that wasn't fun enough, I also got in my 150 jumping jacks and 45 minutes on the Wii. I admit I steered clear (for the most part) of the cardio, yoga and strength training last night. I concentrated on the balance games and the "training plus" options. Still felt like a good workout, but I was doing the Wii after dinner and didn't want to overdo it.

Today's goals: more and more stairs, 45 minutes on the elliptical (got two episodes of "Unforgettable" yet on the DVR!), 150 jumping jacks. If I get on the Wii at all tonight, it will likely just be for the Body Test. A co-worker's last day is tomorrow and he is having a farewell happy hour tonight. I feel like I should stop by and say goodbye. Tuesday's experience told me I don't like to work out so much after a drink. :-\

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From the Inside

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First Rough Day

OMG - yesterday was ROUGH!!! I achieved all my goals, but it was sheer act of will the whole way. I think the trouble was that after work, I went out with Hubby for a beer (just one!). When we got home, I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen and only then got ready to workout. I was just not in the mood! I got in an hour and a half on the Wii and 150 jumping jacks, but my attitude was completely wrong. I just wanted to be done.

I went to bed with the intention of getting up this morning and hitting the elliptical machine to start the day so I wouldn't have another late-nighter like yesterday. The Brats had other plans though. The dogs wanted out THREE TIMES last night! Most nights they don't go out at all. It's like they were trying to sabotage me. Needless to say, I did not work out this morning. I did however bring my gym bag with me and I'll be going by the gym instead of going home this afternoon. Going to try a very light running/walking combination and see how the knee holds up. Still planning to buy a brace Friday regardless. Not taking any chances!

Today's goals: continue working to potty (this is really working. I am up and down three flights of stairs 8 times a day! LOL!), 150 jumping jacks, 45 minutes run/walk, 20 mins Wii

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This girl's "before" weight is so close to my own! Very motivational!!

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Spooktacular Success

I accomplished everything on yesterday's agenda!! WOOT WOOT for me! I drank (easily) 90 ounces of water, walked up and down the stairs at least 8 times, did 30 mins on a difficult setting on the elliptical machine and got in 150 jumping jacks!! Aaaaand, I only had one piece of Halloween candy. :-D Feeling good from the exercise and great about the will power!!

Today's goals are very similar to yesterdays. Stairs to potty, scads of water, 150 jumping jacks. Think I'll vary it up with some Wii tonight. And/or maybe a little run. :-D