Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day One Back, Not a Smashing Success

Something totally crazy is going on with my food. I fell like I'm starving all day long at work (though I eat breakfast, and have a sandwich, strawberries, grapes and carrots at work), then I get home and I snack ALL NIGHT LONG!! Yesterday, I ate all my nutritious food I brought for lunch then went home and enjoyed my nutritious dinner PLUS:

a gingersnap
3 pieces of candy (my brother-in-law is a chocolateur)
a flour tortilla
3 chips (Chester Cheese Poofs - they're 1 PPV for 10 poofs)
4 Ritz crackers with 1 T blue cheese spread (Rondele - YUMMY)
2 beers

I'm thinking the beers might hold the answer. Perhaps they're making me let my food inhibitions down... Wow - writing down all the little things I snacked on last night really depresses me. Is it any wonder I've been having weight issues when I'm grazing on high-carb/fat foods all night long? At least I put all the ice cream down the drain Monday night, otherwise I'm sure there'd be at least 1/2 cup of ice cream up there too. :-(

So goal number one tonight is to run (got a 5k coming up on Saturday!); goal number two is to NOT drink tonight. Or maybe consider a beer my "dessert" to drink later in the evening instead of while I'm making dinner...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remember Me?

I'm the dunce that completely feel off the wagon. As in "Wagon? What wagon? I don't remember no stinkin' wagon." And subsequently, I've gained 5 pounds back. This just will not do!

I've unfortunately had to cut out Weight Watchers because of a financial constraint. I'm going to have to go it alone for a little while. That scares me a bit, but seriously, if I stay committed to exercising and (as crazy as it sounds) I spend some time every day online looking at healthy living stuff, I think I can do this. I really, really need to get it together. I had hoped to be at goal by May and that isn't going to happen now. Adjusted goal is July.

I did a virtual 5K on my treadmill on Saint Patrick's Day as part of the Running Mate C25K program I was incredibly slow at 44:34, but at least I ran 3.1 miles! My best friend and I are running a 5k in a local college town this weekend. We're running another one closer to home next weekend. I have downloaded the training plan for the 10K program. I can do this! I love running! I like feeling healthy. I like that my skin looks better when I eat healthy and exercise.

Help me do this!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WW Weigh In

So I'm at 152.4. Not bad considering the three weeks off. I also picked back up the C25K training Monday. Redoing week six (two 12 minute intervals) but at least I didn't have to back track.  A toast to being back On Program though!! :-)

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's the Little Things

I didn't make it back to my WW meeting on Wednesday and I haven't gotten back on the treadmill yet. Still working hard on the food front though. Hoping my life will once again take on some resemblance of "normal" soon. Probably not till Sunday though.

The scale at home says I'm hovering around 154, which isn't bad after a 2.5 week bender. BUT!! When I tried to wear my favorite pair of capri pants today, I couldn't!! They barely set on my hips! When I put on a belt with them, I looked like a kid wearing their parents' clothes and synching them in. :) YAY!! for the little victories. :)

So I'm still plugging away. I'm not back to where I was (where I need to be), but I'm also not floundering on the side of the road. I am on the wagon! ;-) Hopefully I can get my behind back in the game over the weekend. Sunday is looking like my best bet. Going to be a busy Friday night and Saturday...

Hope you're having a marvelous weekend! If you're in the process of fighting this weight loss battle and trying to build a life of healthy choices, I hope the weekend is easy for you. See you Monday!