Friday, January 18, 2013

The Quiet Killer

I found this "Quiet Workout" the other day on Pinterest and then tried it Tuesday afternoon. I am STILL sore. I remember thinking during the workout, "Yeah, I'm sweating, but I don't really think this is actually doing anything for me." HA!! Let me tell you, if you need a quick 10 minute killer workout (that's also QUIET), look no further!

For whatever reason I can't get Blogger to accept the picture of the workout, but if you Google "back on pointe quiet workout" you should be able to find it.

Ladies of Craft Beer

Ironically, my first day back on the blog was my worst day "on program" since I started back. LOL! Last night was the Houston Ladies of Craft Beer 3rd Thursday meetup. The four beers I consumed seemed to loosen me up enough that not only did I eat a pork banh mi, but I split an order of pork fries as well. :S No more goodies for me this weekend! Now I need to spend the weekend eating right and getting in some exercise. It was good to see the ladies though. I hadn't seen one of them in two months. Was good to catch up.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi. Remember Me?

I'm not dead. Nor am I at my goal weight. In fact, I lost all momentum and climbed back up to the 160s. There is a part of me that is deeply ashamed of that. BUT! One thing I have learned that I think is truer than true - the way that you talk to yourself completely impacts everything you do. If I beat myself up, I will hurt myself. The best I can do for myself is get up, dust off, give myself a hug and start the journey from where I'm at. So this is me doing that. Welcome back. ;)

Two months ago, Hubby found out he had really high cholesterol, incredibly high triglycerides and moderately high blood pressure. All of a sudden, he had an epiphany. He wanted to get healthy. His only stipulation - I can change the way we eat and he will exercise, but I'm not allowed to change the beer. LOL! I can live with that. The journey (all one and a half weeks of it so far) is very different with a lifemate who is participating. He's asking questions and counting calories. He even has his own SparkPeople account!!

One of the things Hubby and I are trying that really seems to be helping is eating our biggest meal of the day at lunch instead of dinner. It is such an easy change to make! By eating our biggest meal in the middle of the day, we give ourselves longer to digest. With a small dinner, we're not still ridiculously full at bedtime. And it really seems to be working. This small change and tracking food and exercise on SparkPeople are working.

1/7/13:   168
1/14/13:  164.8