Friday, October 28, 2011

Wii Maniac

Another hour and a half on the Wii Fit last night! YAY!!! I discovered the snowball fight in the training section. I may be in love. LOL! Don't know what is so awesome about throwing imaginary snowballs, but I'm hooked. Made up my mind last night to also make an appointment with an MD to find out such lovely information as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. I'll be calling to do that later today.

In the meantime, Hubby and I have been doing pretty well on the food front. Been eating my usual breakfast (scrambled egg, piece of toast and glass of milk), a sandwich at lunch and then smaller portions at dinner. I know Hubby and I well enough to know that if we tell ourselves we can't eat certain foods, we will fail at this. Our only hope is eating moderately and stepping up the exercise. I cannot WAIT to start running, but I think I'm going to buy a knee brace before I let myself get started. I always love running. I always hurt my knee. Time to stop the vicious cycle! I also moved one of our TVs into the room with the elliptical machine last night. Hubby is going to hook up the cable box on Sunday. Plan: I'm only allowed to watch  my favorite DVR'd shows while on the elliptical machine! "You wanna see NCIS? Get yer butt upstairs!!"

Still pumped up about all this. Heading into the weekend though, which is usually where I get derailed. Plan of attack - work out in the morning so I can do weekend stuff the rest of the day. Wish me luck!

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