Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day One Back, Not a Smashing Success

Something totally crazy is going on with my food. I fell like I'm starving all day long at work (though I eat breakfast, and have a sandwich, strawberries, grapes and carrots at work), then I get home and I snack ALL NIGHT LONG!! Yesterday, I ate all my nutritious food I brought for lunch then went home and enjoyed my nutritious dinner PLUS:

a gingersnap
3 pieces of candy (my brother-in-law is a chocolateur)
a flour tortilla
3 chips (Chester Cheese Poofs - they're 1 PPV for 10 poofs)
4 Ritz crackers with 1 T blue cheese spread (Rondele - YUMMY)
2 beers

I'm thinking the beers might hold the answer. Perhaps they're making me let my food inhibitions down... Wow - writing down all the little things I snacked on last night really depresses me. Is it any wonder I've been having weight issues when I'm grazing on high-carb/fat foods all night long? At least I put all the ice cream down the drain Monday night, otherwise I'm sure there'd be at least 1/2 cup of ice cream up there too. :-(

So goal number one tonight is to run (got a 5k coming up on Saturday!); goal number two is to NOT drink tonight. Or maybe consider a beer my "dessert" to drink later in the evening instead of while I'm making dinner...

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