Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Remember Me?

I'm the dunce that completely feel off the wagon. As in "Wagon? What wagon? I don't remember no stinkin' wagon." And subsequently, I've gained 5 pounds back. This just will not do!

I've unfortunately had to cut out Weight Watchers because of a financial constraint. I'm going to have to go it alone for a little while. That scares me a bit, but seriously, if I stay committed to exercising and (as crazy as it sounds) I spend some time every day online looking at healthy living stuff, I think I can do this. I really, really need to get it together. I had hoped to be at goal by May and that isn't going to happen now. Adjusted goal is July.

I did a virtual 5K on my treadmill on Saint Patrick's Day as part of the Running Mate C25K program I was incredibly slow at 44:34, but at least I ran 3.1 miles! My best friend and I are running a 5k in a local college town this weekend. We're running another one closer to home next weekend. I have downloaded the training plan for the 10K program. I can do this! I love running! I like feeling healthy. I like that my skin looks better when I eat healthy and exercise.

Help me do this!

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