Monday, April 29, 2013

A Hot Mess

That was me this weekend. Despite the best intentions and a plan!

Friday night, Hubby and I went for our usual happy hour with friends. I planned for two drinks (and figured out early based on ABV/PPV what I would be drinking). I stuck to that plan. I did not order any other beers and/or any food. I did however accept the 3 tasting glasses of beer that friends handed me. I drank 30 PPV on Friday!!! I loooooove craft beer. But apparently the higher ABVs are killing me. I need to find some love alcohol session beers. :(

Saturday was my nieces birthday (18!). We went to Cheddars for dinner. Cheddars does not have ANY nutritional data available. SO, I looked at the menu ahead of time and planned on eating half of a grilled chicken meal with veggies as sides. Which I did. My nieces ordered queso and potato skins for the table. I steered clear of the potato skins, but had a few of the chips. I also had a large margarita (didn't know it was going to be large, just ordered a rita). 16 point drink!!! I managed to stay within my PPV for the week and didn't use any Activity PPV, but still. WOW. I also managed to get in my run Saturday before dinner. :-)

I bought a ActiveLink from WW today. I have to spend the next 8 days not doing deliberate exercise so it gets an accurate reading of what I've been doing up to this point. Will pick up C25K (W2,D1) next Monday.

First Weekly Weigh in: LOST 4.4 POUNDS!!!! WOOT!!!!!!

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