Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Beer is Gonna Kill Me

I think the hardest part of staying OP this time is going to be the beer. Hubby and I are really part of the beer scene where we live. Most of our friends are people we've met through beer festivals or craft beer meetups. Beer is very much a part of our social calendar (the biggest part, in fact). I am not willing to give up beer. I'm cutting back and I hope that suffices. In the meantime, every Wednesday, we have a thing called the Twitter Bottle Share, where all our beer friends drink the same beer and talk about it on Twitter. Tonight's beer is costing me 8 PPV. :( Out of 26. Brought a very low-PPV meal for lunch today and I'm planning to eat a low PPV dinner tonight. Been trolling the WW website looking for meals that offer the most filling bang for the lowest PPV buck, so to speak. It's good to know ahead (and plan accordingly) what your hangups are going to be. Now I need to formulate my plan of attack.

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