Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 2 Back on Program

Yesterday was my second full day back on program. I can't tell you how many vegetables and bits of fruit I ate. I knew I wanted to have a beer last night, so I basically ate zero point foods all day long and a low point dinner so I could enjoy my beer. The first two weeks this go-round, I'm going to allow myself to eat my Weekly points, but not my Activity points. In two weeks (starting May 6), I'll try two weeks eating Activity points, but not Weekly points. I want to see which method works best.

Started back on C25K last night. W1D1 in the bag!

26 Daily PPV
1 Weekly PPV
27 Total PPV

3 Activity PPV earned (20 mins walk (3.2mph); 8 mins run (4.5mph) 1.66 miles

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