Monday, February 6, 2012

And...I Hurt

I did not do my Active 2 workouts at all this week. Thursday, we had plans with out-of-town friends. Saturday morning, I was in pain from Friday's long run (shame on me for pushing myself!). Yesterday, I did my C25K run as scheduled and I'm hurting again today. I honestly don't know if I should do Active 2 tonight! Is this the kind of pain that can lead to injury or is this the kind of pain that is muscle development and normal? :( These are the questions I keep asking myself. Do I workout tonight and risk making it worse? Do I put off another workout (that'd be three A2 workouts in a row!). Is it just because C25K has me running for 30 minutes in a session now? Rest or workout? Aaaaaaaggggghhhh!!!

Weight Watcher-wise, I fell completely off the wagon this past week. We went out twice with our friends from Virginia, I had Girls' Nite Saturday and yesterday, we had people (and their food) over for the Super Bowl. I fully expect a gain on Wednesday. :( Which makes the rest or workout question all the more compelling. I also noticed this past week that I've gotten a little bit more lax with the little nibbles. I have some "pita pocket" snacks which are like tiny puffed crackers. I'll grab four or five of them (which, granted, you get 32 for 3PPV) and not count it. I need to start treating every nibble as 1PPV, even if it might not be. I am only halfway to my goal. Now is not the time to be relaxing. I think I just answered my workout question. I don't know if I'll manage to finish the workout (will not "work through" pain), but I'm sure going to at least try to workout tonight.

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