Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here We Go Again

I started tracking food again today on WW eTools. It's amazing how accountable it makes you feel. I'm not eating any different than I did yesterday, but just writing it down makes you more aware of what you're doing. Seems to help remind me that I have a goal and I am actively working towards it. All from writing it down!

My sis and I did well last night at the Rodeo. We each chose to eat two small chicken fajita tacos (just grilled chicken in a tortilla). We put a miniscule amount of sour cream on them and shared an order of rice and beans. We also had a margarita. Considering all the walking we had to do and the amazing selection of seriously unhealthy food and beverages that were available to us, I think we did an AWESOME job! No funnel cake or Frito Pie, not even a roasted ear of corn (with butter and Parmesan cheese). We done good and I'm proud of us. Baby steps toward being 100% back on program!

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