Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plan B

I ended up not working out last night afterall. My knee was seriously cranky and I did not want to do anything I would regret. Instead, I took a long hot bath and tried to relax. Today, my knee feels sooooo much better. So maybe I should listen to my body occasionally at least as closely as I listen to my vanity. Today, still not wanting to push it too far, I am going to do 45 on the elliptical and save my knee for tomorrow's run (week SIX!! 12 minute intervals! WOOT!). I am not expecting great things for tomorrow's weigh in. I will be disappointed, but not surprised, if there is in fact a small gain. I am back on program with my eating. Just trying to get the knee issue settled so I can dive back into exercising full throttle.

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