Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to Baby Steps

So, I graduated from the EA Active 2's "Cardio Kick Start" program with my workout last Thursday. Yesterday was my first workout in the 9-week program. 25 1/2 minutes of butt-kicking cardio, squats and lunges later, I was really kicking myself for taking four days off exercise. Amazing how weak you can get in such a short time. But it was good. I was panting like a dog and sweating like crazy - exactly where I needed to be! Tonight is my Weight Watchers weigh in. Hoping beyond hope for good things, but being realistic. I was a sloth for a week. I'm sure the scale is going to reflect that. You only get out of WW what you put into it, and I didn't give it a lot of effort last week. I am back on program now and (though I'm still struggling a little) motivated to get active! Cross your fingers for me!!

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