Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hanging My Head In Shame

Although I have stayed on eating plan, I have been a SLOTH since last Thursday. I'm not even going to try to make excuses for myself, that's how lazy I am! But it all ends TODAY! I have like three Active 2 workouts to make up tonight. Fun, fun, fun! But hopefully it'll teach me not to be a lazy slug in the future. Pretty worried about tomorrow's weigh in, but at this point, I can tell you that I would deserve a set back. Desperately ashamed that I couldn't get it together at all the past four days. :-( Need to go browsing through my Pinterest fitness board and see if I can find some inspiration that will help me not go through this again. And I need to commit to updating this blog on the weekends as well as weekdays. The blog helps me stay accountable on days I update it. Yesterday, I was at jury duty, so I even missed a weekday! Y'all might get absolutely sick of me, but I really think that being accountable to the blog will translate to being accountable on the journey!

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