Friday, December 16, 2011

Gonna Be a "Free" Day

I made a time-planning "Oops!" last night. I totally forgot until after I woke up that I had a haircut scheduled today. My hour I had set aside for working out quickly got reallocated. :-( After work today, I have to go with my sister dry to BFE to pick up my mother's Christmas present from the two of us. When we're done with that, I have to hit the grocery store and Target. I'm assuming I'll grab a bite to eat SOMEWHERE in there (Subway?). Hoping beyond hope that I get home in time to do an Active 2 workout tonight since I didn't get one in yesterday (got home at 9:45). I need to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!! ;-) But I got my hair chopped off. No more ponytails! I will be wearing a bandana every time I exercise from here out. Hopefully my Christmas shopping will be done by this evening as well. I also need to do some cooking/baking for our Christmas "Linner" tomorrow afternoon. I can't think of anything that needs to be cooked tonight that would prevent me from working out as long as I get home at a decent hour. Cross your fingers for me!

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