Thursday, December 15, 2011

Staying Accountable

Today at work, we had a Holiday Potluck Luncheon. Meats offered were roasted boar (I kid you not - someone brought in a whole pig!!), baked chicken or ham. I had the chicken. I had a bowl of salad before I started on my plate of lunch. I tried to stick to "whole" vegetables. I had the steamed (I *think* it was steamed) broccoli versus the broccoli/cheese casserole, the whole kernel corn instead of the corn souffle thing, etc. I took two bites of cheesecake, one bite of pumpkin trifle, ate two bites out of a cookie and just ate the cream cheese icing off the pumpkin roll (the icing is the best part!). Probably could have done better, but I don't think I would have been as satisfied. If I had skipped the desserts entirely, I'd probably be downstairs scavenging the leftovers. Since I have NO idea how many WW PPV all that was, I just chunked my entire allotment of Weekly Points Plus Values at it. No idea if I hate 49 points worth of stuff, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Tonight is grilled chicken breasts and sauteed squash.

My youngest niece (who is in band) has a Christmas concert tonight that I promised to attend. So I woke up this morning and dragged myself upstairs. I am really not a morning exerciser. That was AWFUL! But I did it. 45 minutes of moderate activity kicked off the day today. I would love to get in a session of Active 2 this evening, but it will depend on time. It would have to be after the concert, but before 9pm (don't want to get heart rate up right before bed, or I'll never get to sleep). Since the concert doesn't even start until 7, that seems really unlikely to happen, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Otherwise, I will have to make up the workout tomorrow.

The weekend is looming straight ahead. Going to try to log into the blog Saturday and Sunday to stay accountable to The Program. And as counter-intuitive as it may seem, I'm also going to try to spend some time on the computer this weekend. Surfing Fitness pins on Pinterest seems to help me stay motivated.

Small victory this morning that I'm not sure I believe: Liar scale at home this morning said I weight 160.5. That was post-workout but before breakfast and like I said - that scale is evil and likes to screw with me. Guess we'll see what the WW scale says next Wednesday!

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