Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rolling Along!

Yesterday at work, I was moved from the fourth floor to the third floor. This has thrown off my stair walking a little. I'm trying to get in to the swing of things on the lower level. You wouldn't think it would effect things, but it does somehow. So I was not great at stairs yesterday. I did, however, get in 35 minutes on the elliptical machine and 35 on the Active 2 again. I set out my clothes, etc to do the elliptical again this morning and just couldn't talk myself into it. The house was cold and the couch (with blanky) looked much too comfortable. So I will be working the elliptical tonight and getting in a few more workouts on the Wii. Tomorrow is my meeting and a RUN day! WooHoo! I talked with my Shmoo about the marathon over the weekend and (thank all things holy) she is thinking a full marathon in September might not be possible. So we're training to do a half together. That is still 13.1 miles and my longest run recently was 4. Still got lotsa training to do!

Yesterday's Active 2 workout had a lot of shoulder and back exercises in it, so my shoulders are a little achy today. I loosened the shoe laces on my workout shoes around the middle of my foot and toes and that, happily, seems to be helping my toes not hurt so much. Planning to buy new shoes soon, but there are several big-ticket items on my horizon that are taking precedence over shoes. :-( I will work with what I have for now!

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