Friday, December 2, 2011

Heeeere We Go

We are weekend bound! Here's hoping for will power galore and time between the sprinkles to get outside and run!

Yesterday, I got in 50 minutes on the Active 2. I was POOPED!! Both workouts were lower body, so I was totally worried that my legs would be too sore to run today. I'm feeling pretty good though, so I'm going to commit to at least 2 miles. Shooting for 4.

WW released the PointsPlus 2012 program today. Knocked me down from 29 PP a day to 26. Going to do my best to stay within that amount and my Weeklies. I have yet to touch an Activity Point and my goal is to never eat those. That's where the weight loss happens!

Okay everyone - let's get out there and have a great weekend!

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