Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Weeks Struggles

What it comes down to is my home scale is evil and I'm an idiot for listening to it. I got in a ton of workouts this weekend and Monday. Tuesday morning, my scale said I had gained 3 pounds. Imagine how disappointed, disillusioned and just generally upset I felt. I'd been staying on points and working out like crazy and I was gaining?!?! So Tuesday I did not work out. I stayed in Points, but didn't do any activity. Wednesday, I got home from work too late to run to the WW meeting...where I learned I had LOST 3 pounds!! I was losing the whole time, my home scale is just in league with satan! ;-) Even this morning, it said I was 2 pounds up from last night. So, I'm not going to use it anymore. It actually set me back this week, which infuriates me. I know the thing isn't accurate, yet I let it sideline me. So angry! Getting back in the swing of things today though! Definitely staying in points, and I need to make up my workout I missed from Tuesday on the Active 2 and also do tonight's Active 2 workout! Going to be a sweaty evening! Good thing Hubby has plans with friends tonight. :)

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