Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday Means We're Heading Into the Weekend!

Felt pretty good about my weigh in last night. Was totally inspired by folks who received 5 pound stars, 10% awards and one lady who hit her goal weight last night. THAT is why you go to meetings! I ran to and from the meeting last night, got home, ate dinner and then did nothing! :( Hubby wants us to watch Christmas Classics together this week and to be honest, we really don't get to spend a lot of quality time together, so I think it's important. So even though I hate the Muppets and I really wanted to get in a workout, I watched the Muppet Letters to Santa movie last night. Hubby has his company's Christmas happy hour tonight (I'm skipping it), so I can get in some workout time tonight!

Today's Goals: stairs and water, finish out the "week" on the Active 2. Pretty sure that is going to kick my butt! I want to get the week completed though so I can get in a run tomorrow! My Shmoo (a very, very good friend) and I are supposed to run a marathon together next September! NEED TO TRAIN!!! Right now, a 3 mile run kicks my hiney. 26.2 miles might kill me!

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