Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And Here We Are in January

Can you believe it? The holidays are passed and it is now January. THANK GOD!!!!! No more excuses for being a lazy slug. No more trying to prioritize between social events and working out. No more cookies and casseroles!! YAY!!!!!!! No wonder people feel uplifted and make resolutions in January. After a month and a half of hectic gluttony, you NEED to make some changes!!

I bought a treadmill last Thursday evening! It took us until Saturday to get it upstairs into the exercise room. I started the Couch 2 5K program Sunday morning. 25 minutes of 2 minutes running mixed with 3 minutes walking. I was actually pretty surprised that I could run 2 minutes without dying. I think I was pushing speed too much when I was running outside because one minute was a stretch. I haven't run in weeks and I could run 2 minutes without panting too badly? Hmmm.... Definitely thinking that having the treadmill tell me my speed and pacing me helps! My goal is to run Sunday (long run later), Wednesday and Friday. I'll use the elliptical machine and/or Active 2 the other 3 to 4 days. I've set up Active 2 to no longer make me do Mountain Climbers. They're a great cardio workout, but just killed my knee. Not worth derailing myself to get in 60 second intervals of one exercise. Yesterday's Active 2 workout was 30 minutes! Doesn't seem like a 5 minute increase should have felt like much, and maybe it wouldn't have if I'd been consistent with my exercise, but that whipped my bootie!!

Accountability partners: My friend Lisa started a workout group on Active 2 so we can "workout together," my best friend in Colorado and I have a Marathon group on Facebook to try to motivate each other with running training. And my Texas best friend AND my sister are both starting on WW as well. I feel pretty blessed to have a support system in place right now. Hopefully we all push/cajole/inspire each other to stick with it!!

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