Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Feel Good Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

I truly do! I love being on Program! I am staying within points every day (even though I'm eating 5PPV homemade French Vanilla Ice Cream ever night!). I'm working out. I'm focused! And I love it! Last night was Week 2, Day 2 of C25K, so I was alternating between 2.5 minutes of jogging and 2.5 minutes of walking. I upped my jogging speed to 4.5MPH. It's the little things y'all! Baby steps! :-D I got a reminder email today to sign up for Clear Lake's Yuri's Night 5K in April. I will be doing that tomorrow (PAYDAY!). Registration is supercheap right now and they threw in a code for more money off. Should only be $15 for the run and that includes a shirt! WOOT! Can't wait. Trying to talk the Bestie into registering and coming along. I think she'd enjoy it.We'll see though. Talked to the Colorado Bestie last weekend. She is planning to be in San Antonio in the fall for a half marathon. I told her to count me in. So excited to have goals!

I just put my weight into the 90 Day Challenge chart and loved seeing the the little downward facing line. My goal from 10/31 when we started the Challenge was to get to 151 pounds by 2/3. That's 3 weeks away and I'm at 155. Looking totally doable! SUCCESS!! Nothing motivates like success, right? :-D

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