Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last week, I decided I wasn't getting quite enough of a workout on Active 2 with the resistance band, so I switched my preference to 5lb hand weights. I am definitely thinking this was a good decision for me.With the resistance band, I felt I was just repeating a motion without "working out." No more!! Yesterday, I did two Active 2 workouts to make up for being a slacker on Saturday. 55 mins of pure video game torture.  I HURT!!! The pain is good though. It's the kind of pain that reminds you that you have muscles and that you've been active, or in my case, Active 2 (sorry, I couldn't resist!).

On deck for tonight: another Active 2 workout and hopefully also 45 minutes on the elliptical. Not that I want to use the elliptical, but I'd REALLY like to have a good loss this week. I'm planning to run tomorrow morning before work (we have some friends visiting from out of town and will be meeting up with them after work), so I don't want to do two A2 workouts and be all sore for my first 8 min runs tomorrow (Yep - starting week 5 tomorrow!). I figure the elliptical will burn some calories and count as a workout without being too exhausting. Since we're going out with friends tomorrow night, I am also planning to take an hour at lunch to go to a WW meeting at noon. So I need to get up before the sun, do W5D1 of C25K, get to work at a decent hour, take an hour at lunch for WW and then meet up with hubby and friends. Tired just thinking about it! So let's get out there and do this! And keep your fingers crossed for a really kickass weigh in tomorrow! :-)

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