Monday, January 9, 2012

So About Last Weekend...

I DID IT!!!! I stayed on program this weekend!! WOO HOO!!! Such a relief. Weekends are such a struggle for me.Friday was excellent. Not only did I stay within my daily PPV, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical on top of doing Week One, Day Three of the C25K program! Saturday, I stayed within PPV but did not exercise. I'm gonna allow it. Yesterday I stayed in PPV and did Week Two, Day One of C25K but added in two extra intervals, so instead of exercising 30 mins, I went a little over 40. :-D Fantastic, right?? Very, very proud of myself. :-)

I haven't touched a single one of my Weekly Points!! Not to mention my Activity PPV! I plan to have a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup for dinner tonight, so I'm sure I'll be dipping into those Weeklies. But it will be okay, because I haven't use ANY up to this point! Why a soup and sandwich? First of all, there's a cold front coming in (FINALLY!! It's been in the 70s/80s here!) and it is super rainy and gray outside. Also, I saw a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich on Pinterest earlier and almost lost my Schmidt. I can't remember the last time a plate of food looked so divinely yummy! I will use sharp cheddar to really get that in-your-face cheese impact. Combined with some tomato soup, I might just die and go to heaven tonight! :)

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