Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Funday

I finished W3 of the C25K program last Friday, going strong. Saturday I went prom shipping with my sister and nieces, so other than walking for 5.5 hours, did not exercise. Yesterday, I did W4, D1 which required 4 minute runs. I cannot believe I did it! The 5K101 coach, Todd is stressing getting your breathing down during Week 4 and I have to admit, that is a problem for me. I have got to figure out my breathing! LOL! Can't wait till Wednesday's W4D2! Tonight I have to make up for Saturday's laziness with an extra Active 2 workout. Been keeping myself within points so I'm super hopeful of a great weigh in on Wednesday. Sorry for the flyby post, but today was crazy busy and it's not even close to over! See you tomorrow!

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