Thursday, January 26, 2012

WW Weigh In Fail and a Little Inspiration

So last night's WW Weigh In was not the smashing success I was hoping for. Though I have still not had a week of gain, I have now had 2 weeks in a row of minuscule loss. This week I am down .6. I have not used all my daily PPV this past week and I used like 5 of my Weekly PPV. I earned (and didn't use) 25 activity PPV. A little discouraged, but I think I know where the problem lies, and I am actively fixing it. I have been putting aside enough PPV every night to have a scoop of homemade ice cream. Even though it was within my PPV, it was SIX PPV every night of pure sugary, fatty goodness. That little trend needs to stop. If I must eat ice cream every night (and really - I don't), I can eat the 1 PPV fudge bars by WW. Save the divinely yummy homemade stuff for the occasional treat. So that is my plan going forward with this week. Keep up the exercise and eat less ice cream. :) Hubby and I are going to a Stout Beer festival this Saturday at a restaurant with amazing burgers. Going to have to behave myself not just with the beer, but with the food! Wish me luck!!

So one good thing did happen with yesterday's weigh in. I happened to look at the receptionist's name tag. I can't for the life of me remember her name, but I remember seeing "I lost 120 pounds in 2010"!! I looked over at the other receptionist's name tag and saw (even better!!) "I lost 170 pounds in 2008"!! HOLY MOLY!!! My goal at the outset of this journey was to get healthy...and lose (AT MOST) sixty pounds along the way! I would be happy with 40 pounds and ecstatic with 50. Sixty would actually put me at the unhealthy end of BMI. The one receptionist (pretty, petite young lady about 30ish) lost more than I weigh right now!! Can you IMAGINE?! That takes perseverance and will power!! I was blown away with pride for them and admiration for what they accomplished. If they can do that, I know I can reach my goal as well!

I know I haven't been updating too much lately. Just to keep you in the loop, I have finished W4,D2 of the C25K program. I'm working on my breathing rhythm and pace and feeling wonderful about the program! I have also been doing my Active 2 workouts! So all in all, I am getting in AT LEAST 7 workouts a week (3 running, 4 Active 2) and occasionally, I also jump on the dreaded elliptical machine for 45 minutes of TV viewing.

So that's where I am right now. I'm disappointed with this week's weigh in, but moving forward with a plan to improve future ones. I'm on program as far as working out, progressing nicely with C25K and feeling upbeat about my journey in general. Just gotta get that scale moving again!

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