Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ten days into the new year and I've already lost a weight loss buddy. :-( Looks like the only one I can count on to do this with me is me.I can't get anyone else interested in nutrition and eating healthy. I can't get anyone to workout with me. It's just me. :( I know I'm on the right track, but it sure is a lonely one. Hubby and I actually had a bit of an argument about things last night. He acts totally resentful of the way I eat and that I'm not really drinking. We're both HUGE fans and advocates for craft beer. I guess he feels betrayed that I'm not all up in our joint hobby right now. But craft beer has a very negative effect on my weight loss goals, so I'm just not willing to indulge right now. In the meantime, it's like he's flaunting unhealthy eating around me. He actually points out his bad choices and how much food he's heaping onto his plate. Last night I reminded him that he told me himself that he wanted to start eating healthier and he needed to stop acting like I was the bad guy for making foods that are better for us. He had no response. Then today my best friend tells me she's quitting WW. I know it's none of my business, but I had kind of been counting on her to be an accountability buddy, and I should have known better. This is my journey and I'm in it by myself. I just really hope this let-down feeling goes away.

So as you can see, I'm not in a good place today. :-( I'm feeling really discouraged and frustrated. Which is silly because the one who matters (ME!!) is on program! I didn't work out last night, but I'm going to crush the shit our of Active 2 and the elliptical tonight. I have some angst to work out! Wish I could leave work now and get that started already cuz I sure could use the endorphins.

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