Friday, January 6, 2012

The Return of Mojo

I'm feeling great about being on program!! And the best news? Hubby (who is a HORRIBLE influence) will be at the Texans game tomorrow and not encouraging me to sit, watch the game and drink beer with him! And speaking of the Texans, GO TEAM!!!!!! WOOT!!!! Sorry. Had to get that out.

Yesterday, I did a 32 minute workout with Active 2 that had me huffing and puffing and generally cursing the "trainer." Hubby walked by at one point and observed "you sound like you're dying" to which I could barely manage a response of  "I AM!!!!" That game has gotten downright vicious! The second part of the 9-week program seems to be "kill 'em with cardio" - which I need, so I will stop bitching now. :)

This week's NSV: Like most women I know, I have several sizes of clothes in my closet. In jeans alone, I have 14s (which is what I've been wearing and when I started this journey they were pretty tight), I have 12s, 10s and one pair of 8s that were my faves once upon a time. This week, when all my 14s were in the washer and I needed to run to the store, I decided to try to squeeze into a 12 just to get to the store and back. I didn't have to squeeze!! In fact, I'm wearing a pair today and they feel great! Can I get an HALLELUJAH??? Non-Scale Victories really do help immensely. Like I said yesterday, the scale has not really moved for me lately (totally my own fault!!), so something like fitting into some old jeans is hugely inspirational and motivating.

Today is my last Week 1 workout on the C25K program. I am so seriously loving this program! I am excited about each of my runs. I think buying the treadmill might have been the smartest thing I've ever done. :-D

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