Friday, November 11, 2011

Into Hell Week

I got derailed again this morning - this time through no fault of my own. I had a late night with the Girl Scout Convention last night. Crawled into bed just before midnight, but still had every intention of getting up this morning and working out. Apparently Hubby thought I'd earned a lie-in however. He got up with the dogs (our alarm clocks) and then went back to bed!! I swear the first word out of my mouth this morning was "shit" when I woke up, looked at the clock and it was EIGHT FIFTEEN!!! Appreciate you thinking of me, honey, but I have a JOB! I flew around the house like a mad woman and got to work at nine (whew!), but there was absolutely no working out. I will be hitting the elliptical when I get home today! And very possibly the Wii as well!

This weekend kicks off Houston Beer Week. Hubby and I are volunteering at the Monsters of Beer charity event tomorrow (MUST work out in morning!) where there will be free beer samples. Going to try to only have samples of beers I've never had before. Hoping this will minimize intake. Sunday we have tickets to a very limited-invite beer tasting. Going to employ the same plan: only try things I've never had before. In the mean time, I will be working out (the *hard* elliptical workout) every morning. I haven't used any of my WW weekly points this week, so I have those and all my fitness points to swap. Hoping it'll be enough to get me through the weekend and Monday, which is my birthday. I have a weird birthday treat I give myself every year. I always get myself a cheesecake ice cream from Marble Slab. YUM! This year I will be doing a bowl instead of the waffle cone (which is usually stale anyway, so save the calories and skip it). I usually get myself a McDonald's McRib too. I don't know what it is, but I love those nasty things! Think I may skip the McRib this year though. I know I won't have the opportunity to get one for a year, but seriously - priorities! I'd much rather have the ice cream than the sandwich and there are a lot of beers coming my way next week. Need to try to be smart. Just hard to be smart once you start drinking! ;-)

I'm having some confusion with when to measure my progress. My 90 Day Challenge at work weigh in date is Fridays. WW weigh in date is Wednesdays. So I think I will post my progress both days and my weekly goals on Friday. Work for you? Good! ;-)

From last Friday, I am down 2.5 pounds!!! Which brings us to 169.5 lbs. WooHoo!! I also did measurements and the most impressive one (which I'm not sure I should believe): 1 inch off my hips! WOW!!! Exercise is awesome! Goals for the coming week: to be honest, I just want to get through next week without a setback. I know we have a lot of Houston Beer Week events on our calendar, my birthday is next week, and I'm also taking next Friday off to have a girls' day brunch (while watching Twilight! HA!). It just SOUNDS calorie-soaked, mostly alcohol! So, I'm going to try to eat as sensibly as possible and avoid eating at ALL after drinking. I'm going to do my utmost to exercise every single morning and on nights when we don't have an event. It's going to be tough and I'll be okay if the scale doesn't go down...I just really don't want it to go back UP! Wish me luck!

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