Monday, November 28, 2011

Wagon? What Wagon?

When I got home from work on Friday, I went for a three mile run and worked out on the Wii Active 2. I was doing exercises all evening to prevent shin splints (they WORKED!) and planning my busy exercise weekend. Saturday, between helping Hubby decorate the house for Christmas and catching up on chores, I did nothing. I used the excuse that doing the Christmas tree hurt my back and I was still exhausted from Thanksgiving, but I did at least stick to the eating plan. I measured all my food and stayed in points. Sunday I completely and totally fell off the wagon. No exercise, no points. :-\  I'm going to have to figure out a weekend game plan. Hubby is not at all into the Weight Watcher plan, doesn't want to change our food, doesn't really like that I spend all my time working out. He supports me skipping workouts and "taking the day off" from WW. If anyone is going to deliver the kick in the pants I need on the weekends, it is going to have to be me!

So here we are on Monday Funday. We were out of eggs this morning, so I didn't get my usual breakfast of eggs whites. I had a packet of grits instead and I'm already getting hungry for lunch. Going to be a long day. BUT! I can do this!

Today's goal: stairs, water (think I got in 60oz of water all weekend). I also missed Saturday's scheduled Active 2 workout and I have another one scheduled today. I'm going to do them both! It will hurt. It will be exhausting. Hopefully it will teach me not to skip workouts!

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