Monday, November 14, 2011

Survived - barely!

I was less than successful this weekend. I did get in a two hour Wii workout yesterday, but there was no exercising on Saturday. I drank faaaaaar too much beer, but managed to stay away from the majority of the food. I did have a soft pretzel and some cheese soup, but I didn't even look at most of the food. So I am going to say that I WAS successful this weekend afterall! I was not perfect, but I was a helluva lot better than I would have been had I not been focused on this journey. Unfortunately, the week is not over. I ate a good WW breakfast this morning and packed a healthy WW lunch. I do plan to go get my birthday ice cream though and I have no idea what we're having for dinner. I know I'm not cooking. ;-) The hardest part of this week is over though, I think. Monsters of Beer was a success for the charity we were volunteering for and I stuck to trying only beers I hadn't had before. I used the same game plan for the tasting last night. There were just a LOT of beers available last night I had never had before. I asked a lot of the servers to only give me a 2-ounce pour instead of the usual 4-ounce pour though. I was at least making an effort, so I'm going to cut myself some slack. The scale totally reflected the weekend of gluttony this morning. I'm going to ignore it, get my workout on and keep moving forward.Let's hope for a great week!

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