Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Still Within PointsPlus

What a good birthday yesterday. Hubby was taking care of dinner and cooked up a delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu. Very tasty! I had a TON of carrots so that I wouldn't eat a lot of the mashed potatoes. No alcohol with dinner. Trying my best here! :-)

I unfortunately did not work out this morning. I'm pretty sure my groggy brain actually cussed itself out for suggesting it. So, I will be hitting the elliptical machine after work today. And very likely the Wii as well. Dinner will be an easy affair of spaghetti with Italian sausage, so that won't distract me too long from my workout. I do need to cook one of the Thanksgiving turkeys tonight though (yes, we have two). The plan is to get the bird in the oven, workout, cook dinner and eat, carve the cooked turkey and freeze it until next week. Our freezer is PACKED right now. Hubby loves side by side refrigerators which have such TINY freezers. I've been asking for a standing freezer for the utility room for years. Might just buy one for myself as a special X-mas gift. Would be so nice to be able to store food!

Anywho! Going to shoot for 45 minutes (HARD) on the elliptical tonight and at least 30 on the Wii. Let you know tomorrow how it goes!

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